Protective shield NBT-1

Protective shield NBT-1 complete by replaceable screen 1-2mm (by order), with headgear “Comfort”

ЧП «Сварочные технологии».

66.00 ₴ tax excl.

GOST: 12.4.023-84
Declaration of compliance with PPE requirements of the Technical Regulations: UA.001.D.00061-13
The state sanitary-epidemiological expertise: №05.03.02-04/30453
Year: 2013
Аppointment: face protection when working with machines and mechanisms; metals processing using coolants; works relating to the possible formation of fragments (eg abrasives) in chemical laboratories when performing work associated with a sprinkling of corrosive liquids; work with pneumatic and power tools; painting and other works.
34001 - shield of optically transparent and impact-resistant polycarbonate 0.75 mm thick size 330x210 mm., frontal part of polyethylene.
34002 - shield of optically transparent, abrasion resistant PMMA thickness 2.00 mm, size 330x210 mm., frontal part of polyethylene.
Packing: carton 550х230х700 mm.- 40 pcs.

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