Welding helmet KH-C-405-Y1 with construction helmet View full size

Welding helmet KH-C-405-Y1 with construction helmet

Plastic welding helmet “Profi” connected with construction cap by the special adaptors. Welding filters – passive (or ADF) DIN 9-13, size 90X110

ЧП «Сварочные технологии».

198.00 ₴ tax excl.

Аppointment: integrated head protection, eye and face from direct radiation welder arc, molten metal splashes and sparks in the shops in the manufacture of parts, components, mechanisms (automotive, shipbuilding, engineering), as well as installation, maintenance, construction and other works.
GOST: 12.4.035-78
Declaration of compliance with PPE requirements of the Technical Regulations: UA.001.D.03678-11
The state sanitary-epidemiological expertise:№05.03.02-04/31662
Manufacturer: PE «Welding Technology»
Year: 2013
Packing: carton 550х230х700 mm.- 10 pcs.

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