Welding helmet, model “Profi” with Auto darkening welding filter

Welding helmet model “Profi” with ADF, DIN 9-13, headgear “Comfort”

ЧП «Сварочные технологии».

690.00 ₴ tax excl.

Аppointment: Welding works
GOST: 12.4.035-78
Declaration of compliance with PPE requirements of the Technical Regulations: UA.001.D.03678-11
The state sanitary-epidemiological expertise: №05.03.02-04/31662
Year: 2013
Packing: carton 310х245х245 mm.- 1 mm.
Model “Профи-929” (glass size 98х48 mm.)
Model “Профи-900” (glass size 100х67 mm.)
Model “Профи-401” (glass size 92х42 mm.)

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